Ridesharing For Women: Is It Safe?

The modern form of ridesharing is prevalent for a decade and is considered a convenient and widespread option for public transport. Passengers who do not own cars consider ridesharing to be efficient and cheap in cities. But this facility does come with its downside too. While traveling with a stranger in a car there are high chances of violence, crime, and the current case of transmitting COVID too. 

Some facts about female rideshare:

There were more than 3000 sexual assaults in one year for one company providing ride-sharing facilities. There is an estimate that there were numerous cases that were not reported. 

Most sexual assaults happened on weekend nights when females were using rideshare services. 

In 2019 there were 58 deaths due to vehicle crashes in rideshares in the US.

In the United States, there has been an increase in traffic deaths by ridesharing by around 3%. 

Female rideshare service options: 

Some women consider safe and comfortable while taking a ride with other women. There are numerous Women’S Ride Share Service such as Trips4Women which gives a lot more control to women getting the rideshare of their choice. 

Some apps for rideshare provides the option of gender matching to their customers. There is a comprehensive and strict background verification process for drivers before they are approved. Apps such as Trips4Women have the SOS button feature too that drivers and riders can use if they face any emergency. These are rideshare apps that are female-focused and can be considered as women only rideshare. There is an increasing trend of women drivers being preferred by women in numerous areas of the United States. 

Ridesharing apps usage is continually rising, but you should use the correct apps and share your location with your friends and family to take necessary precautions while you travel on rideshare.