Trips4 women –Feel safe on weekend nights

Trips4 women is the convenient and efficient mode of transportation. Weekend nights are the most common times for the sexual harassment. It doesn’t matter how many five star rides a passenger or a driver had. There is always a risk while taking a conveyance with a stranger. From the cases of crime and violence, rideshare can be dangerous.

Women sexual harassed in cab

Working women share the stories of facing sexual harassment atnight that reveals the truth of the cab drivers.

Selena had a scary encounter at night as she tells us her story. 

“It was night time as I was coming out from my working place and taking a cab. I entered the cab and sat on the back seat. I entered, the driver complimented my appearance. I answered ‘thank you’ and kept quiet. After some time, he started making sexual comments towards me. I told him that I want to exit the car. He told me to relax and make another sexual comment towards him. The cab slowed down in traffic and then stopped, so I decided to rush to the door to run out, the driver grabbed my arm attempting to stop me from exiting, and kept yelling at me to stop. I luckily pulled away and ran out of the car, she explains. “

It’s very hard to feel safe on public transport. Thus, the concept behind the Women Only Rideshare is to really serve the purpose of women. All the women are not fortunate as Selena; women need to be independent and should feel safe at the rotational shifts of their jobs. 

Rideshare Company In Florida is the safest service with the gender matching option. You will find women drivers for women to travel alone even at midnight. You can also share your live location with your trusted family and friends.