Trips4 women –Plan a trip today with your girl gang

A Trips4 woman is a female rideshare service dedicated to providing safe transport for women while also empowering female drivers. The main focus behind it is to prevent violence against women in which drivers are the women.

Safer rides for women and by women

By Rideshare Services For Women, female passengers are able to have the liberty of movement without encountering the threat or fear of sexual, physical or emotional abuse. We want to open the new doors for women to do something in their lives. As many women remain nervous in the other taxis with the male drives, having a female driver is the new initiative and a focus on the safety of women. Ride share service For and by women is so much beneficial for women as if they want to plan a long trip with their girl gang, you can travel with no worry. We are proud for giving women a safe space to travel independently.

The main motto of women drivers for womenis to empower women to have autonomy and control in a male dominated society. By providing flexible jobs for the female drivers, we provide them the opportunity to quickly make money for their families. We offer a safer ride for girls and women which will provide the safest journey to their destination. Now women can travel safely even in the rotational shifts and can handle their home and job perfectly. Our rides are hygienic and all the female drivers always wear a mask to maintain the safety of passengers and themselves in this Covid-19 time. Female ride sharing app will allow you to choose the gender of the driver according to your comfort zone. Now women can feel safe and can earn on their own.