Why Women riders feel safer with Trips 4 Women

As a woman, it can be difficult to feel safe when using rideshare services. Trips4Women is committed to providing a safe and comfortable experience for all of our riders. Our drivers are background checked and undergo training to ensure your safety. We also offer real-time tracking and enhanced security features so you can rest assured knowing that you’re always safe. Plus, when you choose to ride with Trips4Women, you’re supporting a like-minded woman driver and helping to elevate Progress the community by participating in the ride-sharing economy. 

only comes when we understand the reality of the challenges today. On the driver’s side, the most striking (and troubling) data point is the low participation of women. 

Despite many women riders and drivers citing safety and security features as key benefits of the Trips4woman, concerns about personal security still emerged as a key barrier for both groups. A majority of women drivers who responded to the surveys believe that such concerns prevent more women from signing up as drivers, while 26 percent say that such concerns prevent them from driving more. Interestingly, women riders reported the lack of women drivers as one reason they don’t use it more often, highlighting an opportunity within this challenge: by increasing the proportion of women drivers, Trips4Woman becomes a more attractive option for women riders, potentially leading to a virtuous cycle where both supply and demand increase together
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