Women Travelling is Undoubtedly the Safety Factor

For any women travelling by a hired cab, the prime concern is undoubtedly the safety factor. Even on-call cabs for personal use are not exactly safety proof. Chauffers misbehaviour towards women passenger has made headlines in recent past, making even regular cabs in any state or city a matter of security concern for women. In the case of Women Only Ride Sharing the problem just in the north direction. Not only the driver, have you had to worry about your fellow passengers as well. Given that most technically equipped, many women naturally fell threatened by the idea of sharing such confined space with strangers. 

With an increasing figure of women opting to travel solo, a plethora of taxi industry is gradually changing to address the needs and concerns of this growing segment but with women safety measures. For most women travellers setting off on adventures alone, the choice of destination is based on how safe they perceive it to be. 

Rideshare services for women in several places introducing Female Ride Sharing App and increasing their safety measures. The idea to empower women and women staff in rideshare companies came after they found that several factors were keeping women from travelling alone. In recent times changes are being brought about to accommodate the lone female traveller. A most popular name in rideshare industry Trips4Women where a taxi is driven by women and meant only for women passengers. They operate in and around almost all destinations. The unique app bases cab service, an initiative of Trips4W, will induct women drivers and train women family members of the taxi drivers in their fleet to work.


While in transit, women sometimes experience the brunt of unwanted attention and potentially risky situations. Take extra care with your bookings with travel. Hire women drivers through companies such as https://www.trips4w.com/ a taxi staffed by women drivers. With Trips4W you will not only feel safer, but you will also enjoy the convivial atmosphere.