Women’s Ridesharing Services: A Resource Guide

Technology has advanced quickly, and the sharing economy is becoming more popular, making rideshare companies easier to find. Companies are becoming more specialised to differentiate themselves from the competition now that Uber and Lyft are no longer the only options.

One new development is the emergence of new companies that provide Rideshare Services For Women. Unlike well-known companies such as Uber and Lyft, these companies cater to female drivers.

Many women have stated that they would feel more secure in a car if they knew the driver was a female, which is why these new businesses are springing up all around the country. The majority of rideshare and taxi drivers in major cities are men, leading to feelings of underrepresentation for many women. Female passengers are more comfortable riding in a car with another woman due to the rising sexual aggression among male drivers. Concern about sexual assault persists among many women in America today. These are some of the female ride sharing apps that women like to use:

Driven by Carol

In Florida, Carol works for a ride-sharing service. Only female passengers are allowed to request a ride from the female drivers. The female passenger who made the request will be unable to take a male along for the ride. Like other ride-sharing services, you use the app to request a car and then watch it arrive at your location. After the ride, you can pay with the credit card you saved. Carol rides are currently available in Miami, Florida.

Because all women deserve safe and secure transportation, Trips4Women was founded. There was a growing need to change the dominant narrative because of the numerous horrifying reports of women subjected to abuse because they lacked access to safe transportation. When it comes to picking up and dropping off passengers, we only work with women. Even though we do not discriminate against men, we strongly believe in empowering women to take charge of their own lives. This means that the drivers and passengers will be exclusively female. It is up to the driver to decide if they are comfortable with a male passenger in their vehicle.